the chapel of the universe

she laughed when I told her
I was going to read the Torah
in a tattoo shop.
I guess it seems incongruous,
but why can’t G-d be
in a tattoo parlor
as surely as in a synagogue?
if he knows all
and sees everthing,
surely this is nothing new.

I can’t tell you
whether or not G-d exists
in any way we know
how to describe.
what I do know
is that if
is more than a construct,
then surely
G-d is in more
than beautiful sunsets
or hallowed halls.
G-d would also be
in skyscrapers and cemeteries,
hospitals and hotel rooms,
cracks in the concrete
where flowers burst through.
all the things humans have made
and all those things
untouched by us.


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