02 – The High Priestess

You know
so much more
than you think.

Sometimes it’s best
that you forget.
Sometimes it’s all
too much and not enough.

But it’s easy enough
to access, when you need it.
It’s all within.

It’s the tug you feel
towards one stone
out of the whole pile,
the feeling that
courses through you
when you catch a glimpse
of the moon.

It’s the buzz
of a tarot reading
thrown down with
confidence and clarity,
or the ritual
you’ve made up
out of next to nothing
but that feels
ineffably right.

But why would you
trust yourself?
What do you
actually know?

For starters,
you know yourself.
Sometimes that’s all
anyone really knows.

So why not
listen to yourself,
honor yourself,
and see where that leads?


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