1/3 passion, 2/3 pride

what are you hoping
to leave behind?
your legacy,
the stories they tell
when you’re away,
the reason
they remember you?

why do we always
want it to be
the big things?

so much of our lives
are the small acts
of kindness and care
and they deserve
as much recognition
as any grand gesture.
maybe more,
because they require
a consistency, a mindfulness
that exacts a price.

it’s not so glamorous.
who writes
“he always
kissed my forehead
before bed”
in the obituary?
who thinks about
every dish washed
by hand, then put away
when daydreaming
about your love?

but those are
the building blocks
of a life,
and their absence
is felt like the
shock of realizing
the glaciers are melting
before our very eyes.


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