a non-poem post!

hello there! thanks to everyone reading and commenting and all of that (all three of you =P). 

it’s been a month of poem-ing, and I’m mostly going strong. sometimes it’s hard not to rehash the same themes over and over. some days inspiration is thin on the ground. but that’s part of why I’m doing this. a writer relying on inspiration is a recipe for an empty bibliography.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a poem for every tarot card. I’m also a tarot card reader, so I have a lot of feelings about them. it would be good for my writing and even better for my continued study of the cards.

so, you may see a lot of poems based on the cards. there are 78 tarot cards, after all. if I’m extra inspired by something else, I may skip a day of tarot poems. and I’m going to tag them so people can keep track.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the read so far and that you continue to tune in. this year us gonna give us all a lot of creative fuel, methinks.